Assessment gathers and discusses information from multiple and diverse sources in order to develop a deeper understanding of what individuals know, understand, and can do with their knowledge as a result of their educational experiences. Such assessment results are used to provide subsequent learning. Through a continuous online and offline assessing process, candidates are evaluated every now and then on their skills and knowledge. Our prime ambition is to understand your requirements thoroughly before offering you the most suitable solution. Every time a student answers a question, or asks one, or starts looking out of the window, or cracks a joke, he is providing you with feedback about whether learning is taking place. It's more an evaluation of the teaching session than about his learning, but the two are inextricable. Assessment “reaches back” into the rest of teaching: in particular,poorly designed formal assessment regimes can severely hinder student learning and distort the process and subject matter.

Assessment has MCQs type questions meant for various competitive exams such as All Banks, UPSC, Railway Recruitment Board, State PSCs, Staff Selection Commission, University Grant Commission, MNCs and also for various Campus placement exams conducted by larger and medium size companies. Skill India is meant for three distinctive user base Students, Educational Institutions and the corporate world.

Skills India Common Aptitude Test- SICAT by Skills India foundation is a Smart Initiative for Change and Transformation. It facilitates the sustainable employability initiatives that can potentially have a multiplier effect through a standardized test. Good performances in this test enable them to rank themselves and to stand unique and distinct among their peers. SICAT is absolutely fair as each and every person who takes this test is evaluated on the same parameters. Since hiring happens strictly on merit basis, Skills India concentrates on all aspects of learning and training which are in great demand. SICAT offers e-learning solutions which are used by many intuitions. It has been proven as an effective tool for many learners from the corporate world, educational institutions and government sectors.