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- Million Pink Campaign

Million Pink Campaign is a flagship programme of Skills India Foundation in promoting Health education among 10 Lakhs Industiral employees and workers in the Nation. The unique nature of this campaign is to reach 10 lakhs employees and workers by person. Today Non Communicable disease like cancer (Mouth cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer) became one of the leading causes of death and disability in India. The substantial proportions of those affected are in the productive age group. These diseases affect more vulnerable and economically poorer section of the society thus affecting them more adversely. We strongly believe that “prevention is better than cure” so we have decided to promote and bring health awareness among 10 lakhs industrial workers and employees through our commitment and confidence effort of “million Pink Campaign”. Henceforth we kindly request you to support/permit us to reach your employees and workers to share this knowledge, which is a lifesaving effort and noble cause. Your support is much sought after in carrying out this important activities and this will definitely help us to a reach large people. Kindly support our program.

- Promoting Girl Child Education

Promoting Girl Child Education the benefits of girl’s education range from greater safety and gender equality enhanced social status, and better opportunities for self actualization and empowerment, better reproductive health and more remunerative employment. it's clear threatening towards girl child education in India, While women in India generally face numerous disadvantage poor health indicators, lower literacy rates, lower income levels, poor female to male ratio due to sex-selective abortions and female infanticide. A preference for boys cuts across caste and class lines and results in discrimination against girls even before they are born. In a gross misuse of the technology that facilitates pre-natal diagnosis of any potential birth defects and associated conditions, female fetuses are selectively aborted after such pre-natal sex determination. To sensitize citizen and create awareness on the issue Skills India Foundation continuously organizing such events across the state to create enabled environment for education of Girls.

- School Enrolment Campaign

School Enrolment Campaign is an community engagement on school development and educational governance lead to the process by which community benefit organizations and individuals build ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of applying a collective vision for the benefit of a community. While community organizing involves the process of building a grassroots movement involving communities, community engagement on school development and educational governance primarily deals with the practice of moving said communities towards change. It is important to engage with existing CBOs & CBIs and develop them as pressure groups to promote and strengthen education governance and also to meet the objectives of Skills India Foundation. Our step towards building awareness on relevance of education, the need for strong effective education governance mechanism, the various laws, policies, rights and entitlements that affect them and how they can reach out to them. The Community engagement on school development and educational governance should initiate processes to engage the CBOs/CBIs function as pressure groups and take up certain responsibilities like demand for appropriate school infrastructure, teacher’s regularity, regular functioning of anganwadi centres.They should also be encouraged to take up issues affecting their lives and education of their child.