COO Message

“Excellence happens not by accident. It is a process. You have to work hard to achieve it” - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Our strive to achieve excellence during the year in creating sustainable impact on the grounds echoed the above words of wisdom from Dr. Kalam. When we began the journey of Skills India Foundation in 2012, we had set a goal to play the role of a facilitator to help youths empower themselves. Along the journey, aspiration of our beneficiaries and perspiration of our team members have been the motivating forces.

Today, India is open for global markets. Different technology partners across the globe have set up their ventures in India. We are now forced to compete the global standard and necessity to use best practices with their set ups in India. Manufacturing industry is facing a key challenge in acute shortage of fresh manpower with the required skill set. Therefore, it is a necessity to adapt Competency-Based Education (CBE), which can focus on the outcomes to achieve best results. Skill gap amongst the fresher is another challenge, which continues to grow even though the number of available job seekers continues to grow. Our vivid experience in livelihood promotion and subsequent expertise in training let us understand the working principles of skill training – its hurdles as well as opportunities profoundly so that planned execution is possible as well as innovation be introduced where required.

We also have existing network of organizers, mobilisers and training centers spread across length and breadth of south states of India. Our experience and confidence through several successful attempts has helped us identify key resources in many sector skills , but also in other fields where there exists requirement for skill uplift.

We have therefore decided to extend our skill and resources for training in different other fields. Most importantly, our mission stems from the deep understanding that nothing other than Skill Training and generation of Employment for skilled youth can develop our country to that competitive edge which is the need of the hour.

You all are welcome to join the mission.

Yours Sincerely,

Murali Kasinath MLM. M Phil

Chief Operating Officer,

Skills India Foundation