GURU-Skill For College

Project GURU

Project GURU is an initiative of Skills India Foundation to empathize self skill, Interview skill office skill and new age industry acknowledged skill to college students. The primary aim is to enable the students undergoing it to get gainfully employed. In order that the students are well placed and excel in their field of Endeavour. The college education system has to incorporate the requirements of various industries in its curriculum, in an innovative and flexible manner while developing a holistic and well groomed graduate. GURU project aims to prepare youths for emerging needs of the economy so as to ensure that the graduates of higher education system have adequate knowledge and skills for employment and entrepreneurship.


• To provide judicious mix of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content

• To ensure that the students have adequate knowledge and skills.

• To provide flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and exits.

• To create an equipped workforce to support local and national industry.

Skill training under GURU Project:

Sector Skills

• Green Jobs


• Logistics

• Retail

• Secondary Agriculture

• Telecom

• Electronics

Interview Skills

• Choosing a Career

• How to Hunt for a Job

• Power Dressing

• Group Discussions

• Follow Up Procedures

• Body Language at Interviews

Office Skills

• Corporate Culture

• Meetings and Mannerisms

• Team Building

• Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution

• Business Correspondence

• Presentation Skills

Self Skills

• Dream Building

• Goal Setting

• Attitudes and Techniques for Success

• Emotional Intelligence

• Time Management