INSPIRE – Promoting Innovation & Creativity


INSPIRE is an initiative of Skills India Foundation to promote creativity and innovation among young youths and students. The aim of the project is to promote science and technology, and create awareness on the latest technological developments in India and across the globe and inspire them to innovate. Moreover the project focus mainly in creative, innovative, making and entrepreneurial activities

There is still a need for creating opportunities among the young minds towards strengthening the innovation ecosystem and offer them space and an enabling environment for the conceptualization of innovative. In fulfilling the commitments to serve the society, the creative ideas and innovative thoughts is required to give shape into proof of concept, pre-prototype and prototype having potential to be transformed into Minimum Viable Product for the benefit of society offering unique innovative solutions.


• Nurture innovators to ideate in areas of societal importance

• Design thinking process to spur creativity

• Opportunity for everyone to innovate, ideate and design solutions, irrespective of their age


• National Science Day Celebration- February 28- Celebrated to mark India’s advancements in science and technology

• World Intellectual Property Day Celebration- April 26- Create awareness on different types of intellectual property and teach students and teachers the process of protecting their IP.

• National Technology Day Celebration- May 11- Attract children to science and technology, and create awareness on the latest technological developments in India.

• School Science Exhibition- September 15- A innovation challenge, where schools identify community problems of their choice, develop innovative solutions in the form of working prototypes or minimum viable product (MVP).