EXTOL –ToT,Workshops & Seminars


EXTOL is an initiative of Skills India Foundation to conduct Training of Trainers(ToT), Workshops and Seminars. The basic objective is to support institutions and company to create quality outcome based managerial and supervisory team. The project will concentrate more on Curriculum, Learning, Assessment and Evolution. Aim is to enhance continuous improvement towards excellence and knowledge.

Hands on ToT,Workshop & Seminars

• Problem analysis

• Investigation of Problem

• Environment & sustainability

• Ethics

• Individual & team work

• Communication

• Lifelong learning

• Project management & finance

• Sector related Skill Job Roles

• Leadership

• Ms-Office

• Personality Development

Assessment and Evolution :

Assessment is a process used for determining an individual's progress or level of mastery/competence in an occupational area. It may be formative (continuous) and/or summative (final). Assessment will include two components. One comprising of internal assessment and second component is external examination including theory and practical examinations. Various listed tools were used for assessment.

• End-of-Training Surveys

• Student Comments

• Internal Assessment and Home Assignment

• Training End Performance Reports

• Course Performance History Plots