SARATHI -Skill for Driver

SARATHI -Skill for Driver

SARATHI is an initiative of Skills India Foundation for Truck Drivers. Trucking in India has long been a dangerous and thankless job. Most drivers have to deal with long periods away from home, sleepless nights, and harassment by police and other authorities. They have high rates of alcohol and drug abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases. The main aim is to enable Truck Drivers to adopt safety techniques, creating awareness on digital financing, Health awareness on occupational diseases, Road Safety, Ensuring correct vision by providing eye check up, National Agenda of Road Safety and Financial Literacy, Updates on New Technology.


• To enhance productivity of Truck Drivers and to provide legal awareness

• To provide hand on training in adopting safety techniques

• To create awareness on health and occupational diseases

• To Promote digital financing and financial literacy


• Road Safety

• Health Awareness

• Digital Literacy

• Financial Literacy

• Medical Camp

• Legal Awareness

• Technical Update and Innovation